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The EVIL Empire of Big Tech Silicon Valley sycophantic profiteers prŏf″ĭ-tîrs′ will be brought to justice. Election rigging and destruction of 'freedom of speech' apparently falls within their global edicts. They love making money from all of you, you just can't say anything they don't approve of. Humanity has no room for companies like these any longer. We are growing up and they just don't fit.

Many accounts which we re-posted have been taken down, including President Trump and his team, so their space may be empty. Time to get mad, time to get ride of these disruptive Unlawful organizations.

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plural noun: truthers

  1. a person who doubts the generally accepted account of an events, believing that an official PROBABILITY exists to conceal the TRUTH concerning the accounts in question; a conspiracy theorist as coined by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA (a known outlet or group of influential mass funded media conglomerate or organization privately held and strongly controled with a hidden agenda and purpose other than the welfare of the people and usually with a commercialized/weaponize aim). "she denied evolution, AIDS/HIV, and was a 9/11 truther"

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